StubHub x Anthony Joshua

The brief was simple - to make StubHub, the world's largest ticket marketplace, synonymous with boxing in the UK.

StubHub has an ongoing partnership with British heavyweight boxing champ, Anthony Joshua. Managing to secure a few hours of time with AJ around his unrelenting training schedule, we devised an approach that leveraged this boxer’s unique story and maximised the amount of storytelling we could create to help build a credible and sustained brand association with the sport.

With a carefully orchestrated distribution plan that saw AJ put the films out on his own socials first, followed by the ongoing release of content aligned to key milestones in his training and promotional schedules, we ensured  StubHub remained at the centre of conversation throughout the build-up to AJ’s championship fights. 

The consecutive campaigns sparked a firestorm across social media and knocked their targets out the ring.

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No Hype

No Hype is an intimate look at Joshua's supreme dedication and almost monastic approach to his sport amidst the otherwise deafening hype that surrounds boxing. The film spoke authentically to his UK fans, as well as his haters, whilst also winning an entirely new global audience.

With just a small amount of paid media behind it, in the first 48hrs alone, No Hype gained:

1.87m Total video views. 36,000 Likes. 1,760 Comments. 8,695 Retweets/Shares

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Come Together

The second campaign features a visceral account, from the champ himself, of live heavyweight boxing and iconic moments in the sport to amp up the inimitable experience of watching the big fight live. Inspiring fans to come together and be a part of history in the making.